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Record Clearance of Shipments – 1.5Hrs from the date of landing


Cleared Import/Export of Airbus 320 – ( More than 20 flights)


Handled more than 1000 transaction of different equipments


No single rejection or demand notice from customs


Handled more than 500 shipments for Reliance under High seas Sale across India


First firm to introduce In bond sale to IT sector without Local taxes


Handled the entire imports of BSE- 12000 routers and reverse logistics- Migration Logistics


In 1996 Attended Appellate Tribunal and classified Data Switches under heading 8471 as against 8517 as communication equipments – Savings of 10% customs duty for the importers. Case law


Sound Knowledge in the related field


Handled various colleges and University clearances &Research institution clearances under 51/96 customs notification



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